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How to answer: What questions do you have for me?

Our favorite questions for answering "What questions do you have for me?"

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So before we wrap up, what questions do you have for me?

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking experiences, filled with anticipation and the desire to make a lasting impression. While you may spend hours preparing answers to common interview questions, there's one crucial question that often catches candidates off guard: "What questions do you have for me?" It's your chance to demonstrate your curiosity, engagement, and genuine interest in the role and the company. In this blog post, we will outline 10 questions for you to keep in the back of your pocket. Try them out and let us know how it goes! 

1) How has your team experienced significant changes within the past year? Are there signs of improvement in the economy and your business from your team's perspective?

2) If I secure the position, what milestones or achievements would earn me a stellar performance review? What are the key accomplishments expected in this role within the next year?

3) Can you describe the leadership style of either yourself or my future boss?

4) Which competitor causes the most concern for your company?

5) How does the functioning of departments like sales, operations, technology, marketing, and finance operate within the company? Specifically, how do these groups collaborate with the one I am interviewing for?

6) What qualities and characteristics contribute to success within this company? Conversely, what traits are generally not conducive to success?

7) Could you share a critical factor for this company's success that may not be widely known to those outside the organization?

8) How did you initially enter this industry? What motivates you to remain in it?

9) What are the primary concerns or worries that keep you up at night? What is currently your biggest worry?

10) Can you provide insight into the timeline for the decision-making process regarding this position? When should I follow up with you?

Want more? Here are 4 bonus questions to consider asking:

11) What type of reward system is in place within the company? Is it based on individual performance, team collaboration, equity, bonuses, or other criteria? Why was this particular reward system chosen? If you could modify one aspect of it, what would it be?

12) How much information is shared with employees regarding aspects such as revenues, costs, and operating metrics? Does the company follow a transparent approach or tend to keep information more confidential? How can I access the necessary information to succeed in this role?

13) What is the work rhythm like within the company? Are there periods throughout the year that require intense effort and long hours, or is it consistently paced? Similarly, during the week or month, does the workload evenly distribute or are there particular days that demand more attention?

14) Who are the individuals considered heroes within your company? What common characteristics do these celebrated individuals share? On the other hand, what traits tend to be common among promising hires who later struggled or left the company?


Mastering the art of asking insightful and relevant questions during a job interview can set you apart from other candidates. It demonstrates your preparedness, enthusiasm, and genuine interest in the role and the company. By conducting thorough research, tailoring your questions, and showing enthusiasm, you can leave a lasting impression on the interviewer and increase your chances of securing the job. Remember, an interview is a two-way street, and by asking engaging questions, you showcase your potential value while also gathering important information to make an informed decision about your future with the organization.